Beyond the short films shown on this website, the following two projects are feature ones underway: two documentaries, one set in Cameroon (and Italy), the other one in Myanmar. Here is some general information. For more details:

"Third World, First, Third"

As a teenager, Raymon Dassi sells second-hand shoes on the streets of Yaoundé, Cameroon. Then he arrives in Italy, continues his college studies and graduates, gets married and becomes a father. Today he lives and works in Bologna, Italy. Nearly ten years after his last visit, he decides it is time to go back to where he came from.
"Third World, First, Third" goes backward to tell an amazing migratory adventure from Cameroon to Italy, between city comforts and the ruggedness of life in Dassi's native village, remotely up in the mountains. A path dotted with surprises and incredible encounters, with his early teachers, his witch doctors, his old friends. A path, suspended between past and present, poised between life and death, which is loaded with laughs and tears. An African story, almost ordinary.


"The Burmese Fable"

A journey into the Golden Land, the charming country of thousands pagodas, among monasteries, temples, and a deep, archaic spirituality. Villages scattered among rice fields, mounted in between rivers, lakes, and mountains. Simple lives, smiling faces, an unreal quietness.
And a journey underneath the surface of this rural paradise, beyond the appearance of political propaganda. The military regime, the social instability, the political repressions, the human rights violations.
"The Burmese Fable" is a story halfway between a travel documentary and a political film, mixing genres in an attempt to unveil these two sides of Myanmar. Which is not only, nor primarily, an enchanting tourist destination. Most eloquently this is told by first-hand accounts, such as those, recently collected, of Ka Hsaw Wa, victim of government abuses in the first place, then fugitive for years, hidden in the jungle, and finally today worldwide-known human rights monitor and activist for the Burmese democratic cause.

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