Roma, Underground Musicians

Italy, 2005Documentary25'Language: Italian (with English subtitles)

Original titleRom, musicisti sotterranei
Written and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
FilmingAlessandro Bianco, Piero Ciarfaglia, Carlo Giordano, Francesco Uboldi, Ugo Vallauri
EditingAlessandro Bianco, Francesco Uboldi


Romanian and Roma, persecuted under Nicolae Ceausescu's regime, famished, but also pursuing a dream: make a living out of their music. They arrive in Milan, without a job, and start playing on the street and in the subway, eternally suspended between life in a caravan and the mirage of a heated house. Nonetheless, they remain cheerful, just like their music: gloomy and melancholy, on one hand, but exciting and joyous, on the other.

Production notes

The first half of the film was entirely shot in the city of Milan, Italy. The second half, with the joyful wedding ritual and the dream of a real stage for the band finally come true, was instead recorded in the surrounding provinces of Lodi and Cremona.


Winner of the Third Prize at the 2005 International Gypsy Friend Arts Competition (Chieti, Italy).

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