Philosophical Speculations on the Pursuit of Pleasure

Italy, 2006Comedy10'Language: Italian (with English subtitles)

Original titleSpeculazioni filosofiche intorno al piacere
Directed byFrancesco Uboldi
ScriptMarcel Fraseric
CinematographyFrancesco Uboldi
EditingRiccardo Banfi
Original music and soundMaurizio Pini
Voice-overFrancesca Paganini
CastNicola Arvedi, Sathya Zaini, Nice Fariselli,
Francesco Massini, Federico Puorro, Gabriele Bergonzi, Ilyas Asif


A young couple and a birthday to celebrate. The two lovers go searching for some intimacy, but gradually they realize that the pursuit of pleasure may follow very winding roads.

Production notes

Instant movie made for the 2006 Location Piacenza Film Festival. One theme (pleasure) and very little time, for a fun couple of days at breakneck speed. Ten minutes cut and set to music at Nicola Arvedi's, the leading actor, between the kitchen and the living room.


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