Jean Paul

Italy, 2006Documentary8'20"Language: Cameroonian dialect (with English subtitles)

Written, filmed and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
EditingRiccardo Banfi


Baloum is a very remote and pristine village up in the mountains of Western Cameroon. Jean Paul was born and raised there. He's dying chained to a tree, victim of superstitions. He's been left without food and water for days. Jean, the man who is in charge of his custody, talks about a magical ring.

Production notes

Jean Paul's story was discovered by chance while shooting something else in that area. Although out-of-ordinary, his story is not the only one of its kind. Being impossible to do anything else, the decision to film it, and then to edit it in the most sober way, expresses the desire to remember him and all those that under similar circumstances disappear silently.


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