Seaside Out

Italy, 2009Documentary19'50"Language: Italian (with English subtitles)

Original titleDieci chili di mare
Written, filmed and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
EditingRiccardo Banfi


Seventy years, most of which spent in a stretch of sea that is tiny, unpredictable, and huge at the same time. With roughly-edged lyricism and poetic spontaneity, an Italian fisherman immerses us in his universe, made of no longer fashionable passions and surprisingly modern stories.

Production notes

The film was shot in two lucky days on the Italian Riviera. We followed Giampiero Levratto, a complete stranger at the time, as he put to sea alone on his fishing boat one late-summer Thursday at dusk. With the help of his sister-in-law, and with a countless number of cigarettes, at dawn he sailed back to retrieve his nets and brought his fish ashore. Hence we witnessed the wonder of his own street market, where magically enough a few odd fellows seem to converge daily.


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