On the Road to Bagan

Italy, 2005Documentary7'30"Language: Burmese (with English subtitles)

Original titleSulla strada per Bagan
Written, filmed and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
EditingRiccardo Banfi
MusicU Ba Than


On the road that leads from from Mount Popa to Bagan – the main tourist site in a country, Myanmar, which only recently has opened its borders to visitors – a farmer speaks of his everyday toils. Listening to his words, gradually the account throws light on the wider social and political situation in former Burma. The country has been subject to a ferocious military dictatorship since 1962.

Production notes

The hard labor images were captured from an unmanned hill a few miles away from the pit. While traveling in Myanmar, even in areas where foreigners are allowed to go, it may happen to witness similar scenes, where the army guards the everyday work of political prisoners and common people pulled away from their villages and forced to labor for the military government.


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