The Waterbook

Italy, 2004Documentary9'20"Language: Italian (without subtitles)

Original titleIl libro dell'acqua
Written and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
FilmingFrancesco Cellini, Alberto Fornari, Francesco Uboldi
EditingRiccardo Banfi


The elders drink it (a bit), the youngsters reinvent it. It feeds mills, it washes cars. The water unites faraway people, makes distant memories resurface, and exhibits deturpations. This is a story told by men and women, proverbs and sayings.

Production notes

Instant movie made for the 2004 Location Piacenza Film Festival. Conceived at night and totally readapted the following morning, as new subjects would come into place while looking around town. The book structure, for instance, comes from the very first person met in a park in Piacenza, who proverbially closes the short film.


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