Mouth Shut

Italy, 2004Drama9'50"Language: no dialogue

Original titleA bocca chiusa
Written and directed byFrancesco Uboldi
CinematographyNenad Glavan
EditingRiccardo Banfi, Nenad Glavan
Original music and soundMichail Koukoussis
CastLisandro Caligaris, Nela Lucic


An austere family lives in a silent strip of Italian countryside. Father, mother and son lead arid and incoherent existences, without even talking to each other. The young man leaves his bedroom only for the ritual shared meals. Until the day when his cousin’s arrival disrupts the seeming stillness...

Production notes

Instant movie. Abiding by MonFilmFest regulations, it was shot in two days and cut in two days (and one night, non-stop). But with the unbeatable comfort of peaceful landscapes and superb food. A tiny troupe that met for the very first time among the hills, with a bit of Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, and Argentina all mixed up.


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